We can expedite all the permits needed (from electrical to plumbing) to do construction on your home, and will make sure we have acquired all information needed to start the construction on your home and yard. We will handle the permit expediting and make sure we obtain permission from the county and get all the proper permits to construct and change the structure of your home and land.

Permits are different in certain parts of the country and you will need them for remodeling and for new construction. If you are looking to do anything to your home you need to know what permits you have to have. Luckily, we know this and can do some of the permit expediting on our own. In Florida, different counties have different permit rules, and different ways you have to do things to obtain them. In some cases, permits are needed for repairs on your home like fixing windows and doors. A plumbing, electrical, or mechanical permit may be needed for any new construction or remodeling you plan to do to your home. Since we do all of these things we can get the permits needed to continue forward with your project legally and within compliance.

We know the types of construction that need a permit and the type that have specific guidelines for building. You do not have to worry about researching the types of permits you will need because we will do all of that for you. Our team is thorough when it comes to compliance, and it is just as important to us that everything is done correctly. We also will check with the city on any inspections that will need to be done after the permit is received and will schedule those as well. We work closely with your city to ensure everything on our job is in compliance so you do not have to worry about anything but supervising our progress.